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Images of Horus as a child are often found in falcon mummy cemeteries mixed together with falcon-shaped mummy coffins, as if they have similar votive functions. (Photo: Sarah De Santis, Brooklyn Museum)" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// in. Brooklyn Museum; Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 39.120.(Photo: Brooklyn Museum)" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// King Pepy I sits on his throne wearing the tall white crown of Upper Egypt and an enveloping cloak associated with the Jubilee, a festival that demonstrated the king’s continued vigor after the first thirty years of his reign (though it was sometimes celebrated earlier). Brooklyn Museum; Gift of the Egyptian Exploration Fund, 14.655.Some scholars have suggested that the Egyptians created votive animal mummies to use in this festival. (Photo: Gavin Ashworth, Brooklyn Museum)" width="220" height="220" data-src="https:// Often, the more elaborate the wrapping, the less likely it is that the whole animal is inside, as the two CT scans shown here reveal.Perhaps the intricate wrapping substitutes for the animal.

Royal regulations ensuring the honest manufacture of animal mummies were written and enforced by these kings.

This fragment of a stela (commemorative stone slab) originally illustrated a prayer invoking the crocodile god Sobek, who provided all that the deceased needed in the next world.



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