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Although the X-rays featured in the national collection were made for research purposes, the strikingly elegant images demonstrate the natural union of science and art and are a visual retelling of the evolution of fish.premiering a the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven on Saturday, July 2, is an exhibition that showcases these dramatic prints exposing the inner workings of the fish.Logan pats Doyle on the back, and Doyle becomes supplicant quickly. Doyle gossips to Rory that Logan took the past year off to party with his friends and sank his father's yacht – a real piece of work. His father is Mitchum Huntzberger, the newspaper guy. Rory picks her downloading story as her first feature. Norman Mailer is still at the Inn continuing his interview. Even lies about it being "stump the chef" day, to see if they will order anything. Rory has a half dozen coffee cups in front of her, and a pile of research for her feature on music downloads.Logan then puts on a fedora with ‘press' written on a tag and pretends to be working the ‘beat' as Smitty. Rory is telling her idea to Dean, who is at Doose's wearing a coyboy hat.Taylor is trying to cash in on the "trucker" crowd by being open 24 hours, and thus Dean is also working more shifts. The accountant suggests taking some of the financial burdens off the list for a while. Sookie says fine, but seems very very hurt and angry. Rory is interviewing some guy about downloading music. While there, a drunk girl in a ball gown with a gorilla mask walks in. A curious Rory follows her out and hears the girl say "In Omnia Paratus" as she gets into a waiting SUV. Chris says he's not like Lorelai – he's not a superhero.They can't pin down a date for to see each other for about 2 weeks! Breakfast and dinner are breaking even but lunch, for example, is just hemorrhaging money. Sookie gets very defensive about it and thinks Anne the accountant hates her. Rory is running out of questions to ask him – his insight is no different than any other reported angles. Lorelai is taking advantage of the new nacho & slushee options at Doose's. Lorelai turns the crib against the wall so Gigi can't climb out. Chris says Sherry is in Paris – and she's not coming back. Lorelai encourages Chris – tells him that he can do it.The reason – Kirk dressed as a hot dog passing out flyers for lunch at the Dragonfly. Lorelai didn't ask Kirk to do this – but knows who did.Rory tracks down Logan to see if he has any insight on her Life and Death Brigade article. Rory says he's in it, since her proof ties his grandfather, and therefore father, to the club. Plus, she has his routine now, so she can track him to the club.

Lorelai grabs her socks from the oven, where she's been warming them. The keys are found stuck in the back door – so Lorelai covers the knob with a towel and they leave.Rory has a lot of catching up to do – expects to be working constantly.



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