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If I could give this book 6 or even 10 stars, I would."Texasville" takes us back to Thalia, Texas, thirty-some years after the events of "The Last Picture Show." (Mc Murtry has taken a few liberties with the timelines of the series, which bothers me a little but not much; anyway, "Texasville" takes place in 1986) and we once again meet up with Duane, Sonny, Jacy, Ruth Popper and Genevieve.

Whereas LPS focused most on Sonny, T-ville is Duane's story.

Duane himself is frustratingly stuck, and he never gets out of it.

The same three characters are again the center of the story but with the focus on one, Duanne.

While TLPS is warm and touch This was quite different in tone than the first book of this series, The Last Picture Show.

With Texasville, Larry Mc Murtry returns to the unforgettable Texas town and characters of one of his best-loved books, The Last Picture Show.

This is a Texas-sized story brimming with home truths of the heart, and men and women we recognize, believe in, and care about deeply.

He's married and has four kids, two of them grown, and this brutally hot summer the town of Thalia is celebrating its centennial with a huge party; also, Duane's high school class is holding it's 30th reunion.


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