Updating libc

This is also why we use the So why is this only needed up to GCC 3.4.0/4.1/5.1?That's because from that version onward, GCC uses a forward-compatible ABI, which removes the need for rebuilding applications and libraries.



Formally, with versions starting from 3.4, GCC/libstdc only guarantees C 98/C 03 ABI stability and not more. GCC only makes C 11 ABI stability guarantees beginning with version 5.1.Refer to the troubleshooting section for some commonly reported issues.This section is a quick primer on GCC upgrades (and how easy they are).Looking for documentation on how to use, build and test libc ? " (like Apache's libstdcxx, GNU's libstdc , STLport, etc).

There are many contributing reasons, but some of the major ones are: libc is a 100% complete C 11 implementation on Apple's OS X.Remember when we told that the C ABI is forward-compatible?



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