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This was a solution that made sense to me because I derive a lot of pleasure and peace of mind from living here. Our expenses (mort, taxes, ins, utes) were about 800 a month, so our net housing cost were minus 1,200 a month.

I live for well below zero in my 3,000 sq foot house. Oh yes, we also received an ,000 check from uncle sam in home stimulus tax benefits, so ournet was really negative 1,500 a month.

Alternatives would be to live with family (like in most countries), live in an RV or mobile.

Of course for city dwellers that might be a problem.

I will sit this one out for now, but may move to somewhere with lower rent within the same distance from work and town, if I find such a place. I would absolutely LOVE to retire early but I cannot do this 1 just yet.

What I need to work on is the food budget: spending about 0/week lately, which is way too much for me anyway. It seems feasible since I like beans too, and not really a fancy eater. I live in New England where rents are high and winters are cold !

I share a 40 year old 450sq foot one bedroom apartment with a roommate, and so I only pay 0 a month for rent. Literally, that is my only goal and reason for working.

So I need to find a way to retire early with high housing prices.



This essentially gives me a “free” place to live, although it does tie-up a large sum of money that could be invested.Unfortunately our condo does not meet your 3 criteria. I have wanted to work for not more than 10years and be FI by then, hence I’ve always been relatively frugal ( with short bursts of consumerism every now and again).I am now in my 3rd year of working, and hope I will make it to FI within my 10year timeline, or sooner.We consider ourselves the wise grandparents so the trust is set up so that they will only be able to get at 1/2 percent of the assets each year after age 40. But we found that by asking ourselves if one of our grandkids required 3 million dollars to survive (illness or whatever) wouldn’t we feel bad for having pissed away our chance to save that money in advance? Single-room-occupied apartments in the drug infested, dangerous area of my city start at 5 per month.

You get a room with a bed, and you share a kitchen and bathrooms with drug addicts and alcoholics. No laundry.) Of course, my *dream* is to live in this city.Of course, if you choose to live in a certain location your screwed. We make enough off investments and have as close to zero expenses as we like, that we can retire at anytime, but we choose to work like crazy so that we can invest megabucks for our legacy.



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