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Leet, like hacker slang, employs analogy in construction of new words.For example, if haxored is the past tense of the verb "to hack" (hack → haxor → haxored), then winzored would be easily understood to be the past tense conjugation of "to win," even if the reader had not seen that particular word before.However, this practice is not extensively used in regular leet; more often it is seen in situations where the argot (i.e., secret language) characteristics of the system are required, either to exclude newbies or outsiders in general, i.e., anything that the average reader cannot make sense of is valid; a valid reader should himself try to make sense, if deserving of the underlying message.Another use for Leet orthographic substitutions is the creation of paraphrased passwords.require less extensive forms of Leet when used in this application.



Leet may also be considered a substitution cipher, although many dialects or linguistic varieties exist in different online communities.

Derivation of a noun from an adjective stem is done by attaching -ness to any adjective.


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