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1.2 The safe use and transportation of dangerous products is important to Canadian society.Industries that manufacture, ship, and use dangerous products provide jobs to Canadians.While the Office may comment on policy implementation in a performance audit, it does not comment on the merits of a policy.Performance audits are planned, performed, and reported in accordance with professional auditing standards and Office policies.We examined how Transport Canada and the National Energy Board determine whether regulated organizations have complied with established legislation and standards in transporting dangerous products and whether they have prepared emergency response plans.We did not look at emergency response and recovery activities that would take place following an incident.The shipment of dangerous products must be managed well to reduce the risk and impact of spills and releases. The entities agree with all of our recommendations.

1.3 If the movement of dangerous products is not handled correctly or accidents occur, it can result in injury or death.The crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas liquids, and natural gas that move through approximately 71,000 kilometres of Canada’s interprovincial and international oil and gas pipelines are subject to the and its regulations administered by the National Energy Board.Both Transport Canada and the National Energy Board aim to promote the prevention of spills and releases of dangerous products and preparedness for incidents and emergencies that may arise.Photo: Transportation Safety Board of Canada 1.5 A variety of organizations have key roles to play in ensuring the safe transportation of dangerous products or in responding to incidents if they occur.

The organizations’ responsibilities apply throughout the process of preventing and responding to spills or releases of dangerous products.Dangerous products are a necessary element in the daily lives of Canadians.


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