Average lenght of dating before marriage

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These findings come courtesy of , a wedding planning website in the U. For their survey, the website polled 4,000 recently married couples and asked, among other things, how long they had been in a relationship before they tied the knot. The average couple ends up spending 3.5 years living together before saying “I do” and a lot of couples go this route (you know, just in case your parents give you sh*t about it): 89 percent live together in some form before they get married.

People are also waiting longer to get tie the knot, which isn’t exactly a shocker.

Eighty percent also said they’re even more committed to each other now that they’re married, and 60 percent said they’re happier than they’ve ever been.

Free online dating sites like to know that such a program.Shared lovely message for his wife on his wedding day as married before meeting is allowed.



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