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Mitchell Netburn, the president and CEO of Project Renewal — was behind the first new shelter to open, Marsha’s House, an LGBTQ young adult shelter in the Bronx.


“Other providers have excellent processes to connect clients, to connect children with services in the community and some clients in the current haphazard system haven’t been able to do either.” New NYC ‘swarm teams’ to help homeless get into shelters But shelters are often in low-income neighborhoods, where quality licensed childcare is hard to find, Quinn said, noting many homeless mothers are busy searching for work or already working.

State law requires shelters provide childcare, but allows for several options — licensed on-site care, supervised drop-off care and connecting family with children to childcare in the community. Since then, the city has launched universal pre-K for four years olds and will soon offer it to kids who are 3.

The new shelters are intended to replace more than 300 “cluster” sites — individual apartments where providing services are more complicated.

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The specifics of what shelters look like — where they are, how the space is developed, what kinds of services they provide — often come from the providers who respond to the city’s bid for proposals.


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