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The first tab is Live which displays your cameras live.

Double clicking on a camera will display it in a full window single camera view.

You can export video to keep a copy forever, but it will only store 5 days on it’s own.

May seem like a big limitation but in my experience, it’s rare that one would review video older than a few days old.

You are free to install the Smart Client app on as many PC’s as needed.

You also can use Milestone Mobile on Apple IOS devices and Android devices.

Milestone, the leader in commercial NVR software came out with a new release a few weeks ago and they have made some good improvements.


Here you can specify which cameras to export, file name and some options. If you selected “Include XProtect Smart Client – Player”, it will put a player app in the directory allowing you to keep the video files in their native format and still allow someone to view them.In the screen shot below, the Driveway camera is selected and it shows a red bar in the timeline for each recorded event.


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    This document has been produced as part of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

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