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Two years ago a nanny in Texas reported how as she changed the nappy of her one-year-old charge she was startled by a man’s disembodied voice talking to her and commenting on her actions. Having set up a home with gadgets, the consumer group invited a team of security researchers, Sure Cloud, to hack it.

It turned out that the baby monitor had come with a pre-set password that had not been changed But at what cost to privacy? One of their most disturbing discoveries involved a range of toys by Cloud Pets.

In response, it will read out a recipe, check a train time, help with homework or even crack a joke.

It can also connect wirelessly to smart-home appliances to control lights, ovens and security systems without homeowners having to access an app.

And so it has ended up on one of a number of voyeuristic websites dedicated to collating such footage.

Those whose privacy is being violated had no idea — something that became all to apparent when the Mail informed them.

As well as exposing our personal data, cyber-criminals are able to take control of these gadgets and use them to launch co-ordinated ‘attacks’ on organisations and infrastructure, flooding them with data.‘The internet of things is one of the scariest parts of the security landscape at the moment — it is the soft underbelly,’ says Professor Alan Woodward, a cyber-security expert at Surrey University.‘No one will attack the strongest part of the wall, but the weakest.


These allow homeowners to monitor and change the temperature remotely, rather than having to change the settings manually on a box fixed to the wall. These are also connected to the internet, so they can stream programmes.And these gadgets are now commonplace in our homes.


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