Colt 1911 serial number dating

Thanks Robert* Make COLT * Model Number 1911 * Caliber 45 * Condition ? This means that all the parts on the gun aren't from the same time period and/or manufacturer as the receiver (the only serialized part of the gun, and what all value assessment is based around). The slide has the 1913 patent date on it, so it dates to post-serial number 83,856 (1914). They look like aftermarket copies of a Remington UMC m1911.


Someone has obviously done some monkeying with the pistol when mix/matching the parts together.They are the initials of the armory that reworked the guns.It can be "RIA", "SA", "AA", "RA" "RRA", "SAA" or a few others.I rarely see non-correct m1911's with a 98% finish.


The finish shows no real signs of use or holster wear.Good - 60% - 80% condition, small repairs and factory replacement parts Fair - 20% - 60% condition - reblueing, stock repairs, replacement parts, 50% finish.


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