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Only the animation festivals in Annecy (France) and Zagreb (Croatia) can claim to be older.Despite its age though, Ottawa is more eclectic and surprising than at any point in its history.Mc Cann can also no longer contact anyone under 16 using a computer.First staged in 1976, the Ottawa International Animation Festival is no spring chicken.For the past decade-and-a-half, under the artistic direction of Chris Robinson, the Ottawa Animation Festival has burnished its reputation for challenging and unconventional fare.It has also managed to piss off its fair share of filmmakers, including Sylvain Chomet and Aleksandr Petrov — controversies that Robinson has addressed in his writing. The biggest change is the OIAF has a pretty solid foundation in place and it has become very communal and team orientated.Rock said the school accepts and will implement all 11 "insightful and practical" recommendations. "For this reason, we have recommended several strategies that require a sustained and multi-pronged approach to fostering a campus culture that encourages respectful behaviour and prevents sexual violence." "This task force has, in effect, led a conversation here on campus — a frank and sometimes difficult conversation, but one that we as a community had to have," Rock said.


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by doing all we can on our own campus to make the environment safe, respectful and free to sexualized violence, we can become a beacon.

We can create an example for others to follow." All 24 players from the 2013-14 Gee-Gees men's hockey team who weren't charged said earlier this month they plan to file a -million class-action lawsuit against the school for damage done to their reputations.

The University of Ottawa will put in new training programs for administration, students and full-time coaches, launch a bystander intervention program and fund new courses on rape culture after the release today of a task force report into sexual violence.

The task force on respect and equality’s report, which school president Allan Rock said he received Thursday morning, gives 11 recommendations after nine months of work. "Sexual violence is an extremely complex issue and one for which there is no quick fix," said task force chair and professor Caroline Andrew.He said it would also examine training around sexual violence and harassment, look for areas of improvement, and work on sanctions for students or employees who promote threatening behaviour.


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