Chat room for jacking off


Sometimes I just want a quicky and that will be about 5 minutes.I'm a married 54 year old male and I almost always jerk off in the morning before I get out of bed to go to work.I often jerk off late at night too, before going to bed.My wife only likes to have sex about once or twice a week and that just isn't enough to satisfy me.You might have thought that you could imagine this stuff previously, but now you can actually experience it.

Since my wife died, of course I started doing it again, I am 67 and masturbate somewhere in the region of 3 4 5 times a week, like you I like long sessions, sometimes as long as a hour, although most a more like 30 minutes.I remember years ago I was in a chat room talking to a friend about porn. I managed to get VR porn working on my vive this week, having failed in all my attempts previously. Just download the Steam VR version of Whirligig, get some VR porn, jack in and jack off.


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