The game and dating advice for men

You may not realize this, but men and women aren’t that different really.Both the sexes want the same things, the same special moments and the same happily ever after.[Read: The guide to effective communication in a relationship] #2 Don’t take your woman for granted.Do you take your girlfriend or wife for granted in any manner? But why do you have a hard time telling her how you feel every now and then?If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s how competitive they are. You want to be the best in everything there is, be it your games, your work or your love life.And that’s one of the things I love about men and their attitude towards life.If you must stare at someone for any reason, talk about that person with your woman instead of trying to sneak glances. We’re all rather sensitive when it comes to criticisms, so learning to sugarcoat your words is always a nicer way to say a bad thing. Just because you’ve won her over doesn’t mean you should stop wooing her.


] #7 Don’t disrespect your woman by staring at other women when she’s around.

To keep your sweetheart happy, you need to think of the 80-20 rule, that 80 percent of the problems are caused by just 20 percent of the issues.

By using the relationship advice given here, you can do more than just fix any romantic struggles in your life.

Now all men aren’t the same, and every circumstance is different.

But when it comes to love, these traits are highlighted beyond everything else.

You can actually turn out to be an example of how a perfect guy really should be!


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