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Baring all: In order to open honest conversations about sexual violence, media company Villainesse, created powerful photo series #My Body My Terms, featuring New Zealand natives like actress Sally Martin (pictured)According to Lizzie - who also features in the campaign - the company was motivated to take on the topic because, in their home country of New Zealand, one in three women have an unwelcome sexual experience by the age of 16.

Starring in the photo shoot - and accompanying video - is a mixture of regular and famous New Zealand natives, who posed with the campaign's slogan written across their bodies and were also filmed stating their own opinions or telling their stories having to do with sexual violence and the importance of consent.

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Television comedian Guy Williams, radio personality Richie Hardcore, basketball player Alex Pledger and transgender advocate Mary Haddock Staniland are some of the additional high profile participants.

The concept of victim blaming is a hotly contested topic in the public sphere, and now, one media company is using the bodies of men and women to hit back at society’s perceptions of sexual violence and shed new light on the topic.

#My Body My Terms is the powerful message behind a new social media campaign by New Zealand media company Villainesse, who enlisted the help of several men and women to pose in varying states of undress to declare their right to decide what they do or do not do with their bodies.'With the prevalence of sexual violence around the world, especially on [college] campuses, the increasing number of revenge porn cases and the continuing presence of pervasive myths that encourage victim-blaming, it’s clear that we need to talk about these issues,' campaign creator, Villainesse editor and singer Lizzie Marvelly told the Huffington Post.

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