Who is lil mama dating now


Lil Mama was born Niatia Jessica Kirkland in Harlem, in 1989.

She was raised in Brooklyn, New York where she attended Edward R. Kirkland is the third child and eldest daughter of eight children.

She was also taking the favor on remixing Rihanna's smash hit "Umbrella" that stands out among many renditions by other artists.

“So I had to take what I was given — and it turned out to be the best decision ever.” At least she was honest with the actor. ’ and I told her, ‘Never.’ But she made me a believer.” The film also stars Lance Gross and Floyd Mayweather.

And the fact that she has eight siblings didn't make the situation any better.

However, instead of competing for attention from her parents or withdrawing herself from the community, Lil Mama used the alone time to dig her hidden talent. She would wrote her poems and by the age of ten she was no longer satisfied with the still work.

Lil Mama -- the rapper behind the song "Lip Gloss" -- just got destroyed in court ... Problem is, the lawyer claims he worked for Mama until 2011 ...

Mama was sued by her lawyer -- a guy who specializes in intellectual property -- who claims he busted his butt to protect her rights to the name "Lil Mama." Kind of an important guy in her life.

Kanye West's Taylor Swift speech interruption at the 2009 VMAs might be the most famous moment of that night, but it wasn't the only stage crash.



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