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She has to do that in such a way where she doesn’t come off as a traditional, hands-on-hips, hand pecking uppity. She has the charm and skill that enables her to do that.

She really struck a really nice balance so that when you’re watching the movie you really feel like her character really is the one with the strongest argument.

What was the biggest difference working with Mila the person rather than just her voice? She’s hugely talented and she has delivered so many great performances on and she delivered a great performance in this movie.


No spoilers, but I heard there’s a big fight scene between Ted and Mark Wahlberg?

That was probably the last show I watched that was appointment viewing. From has emerged as something wholly unique and funny and I credit that to Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman who run that show on a daily basis.

The only thing I really watch every week consistently but it’s a different kind of show is Bill Maher. I find that I’m not going to use the best jokes I find on twitter. There’s a strangeness that they have managed to keep intact.

It is funny that you have one of the most beautiful people in the world on your show but you only hear her voice. In a lot of ways voiceover separates the true talents from the pretty faces when it comes to A-list Hollywood actors.

You get in that booth and you don’t have the advantage of people seeing you bat your eyelashes.All of the other comedy writers that we work with, including myself, have kind of adopted that format that he pioneered.


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