Dating with pure passion


His discussion of sin and the sinful nature to me was flawed.

He sent mixed messages as to the cause of sin's influence in the life of a Christian.

Once you understand His love for you and how precious you are to Him--then you get an idea of how someone else should love and treat you. The way to get a date, keep it, and continue growing a relationship....well, that takes skill.

It is too bad that I didn't have this book when I was dating because it probably would have prevented a lot of pain and heartache in my life. However, for those of us who have been in relationships before (or, for those of us who aren't, haven't and/or want to be), we may find that we're not getting anywhere.

As Eagar says in his conclusion, which perfectly sums up his main message, ".Christ's love becomes your primary source of nourishment, you place yourself in the best position to enjoy dating and marriage.

Rather than romance ruining your life, it offers the opportunity for His abundant love to overflow through you to another person.

I highly recommend this for everyone to read--adults of teenagers, young adults, and teenagers would benefit greatly from reading this book--it is interesting and an easy read. We just don't seem to know if this person is the right peson, or if this person is the one.

This book meets you right where you are--especially if you are looking for real passion in your life.


What turned me off to the book were two different aspects.

The key message is the nobody is perfect and people will eventually disappoint you, but God never will. But it also talks a lot about specific of what to look for in a person before you give your heart to them and what issues you should resolve before getting engaged. There are also study questions at the end of each chapter.


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