Lyrics of pagdating ng panahon


Nowadays, Aiza lives peacefully with his wife, and continues to host and act every so often. He enjoys philosophizing on pop songs, traveling the Metro in his hatchback, exercising constantly, and collecting leather bags.

He continues to share his talent to many aspiring musicians, acting as a mentor to budding artists.

Couldn’t translate Sugarfree lyrics, couldn’t explain the concept of ” phase; dream pop was all over the radio with the success of Sugar Hiccup’s debut album, "Oracle"; and Rivermaya was proof that the scene was an expanding business, open for franchising. Our “alternative music” explosion had yet to produce a love song for freaks; Eraserheads’ “” were great, but they were universal affirmations that lacked the outsider appeal of something like Radiohead’s “Creep.” Another Western alternative phenomenon that had no local counterpart: the introspective female singer-songwriter.

That’s when Cynthia Alexander’s “Comfort In Your Strangeness” dropped from the sky like a magic spell.




As a child star, Seguerra appeared in more than 30 movies and TV shows to date.

The lyrics and loveliness of the song cemented Aiza’s place in the industry, and made him ever more popular, both as a capable actor and talented musician.


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    We don’t know what to do about death, so we go for the default option whose style was invented, as so many of our ceremonies, by the Victorians.

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