Free online unmonitored chat rooms

Meanwhile, you can browse the ads to see if this site is for you.

Paying members of Christian Café can participate in a moderated chat room. Christian Café also features a prayer community, with members posting their own prayers or joining in prayer for others.

Some are meant to be faith communities, where members share bible discussion, form prayer circles, and talk about what faith means in their lives. Several Christian chat sites exist to encourage the conversion of people from non-Christian faiths.

These rooms are for evangelical Christians to share their triumphs and challenges as they reach out to spread the word of Jesus.

Furthermore, all children under the age of 7 must have their parent/caregiver sitting with them at the keyboard for the duration of their computer use.

The library strictly forbids the use of chat rooms and instant messaging on the internet, as they do not fall under the library’s mission statement.

Volunteering at a Christian charity is a good bet, too.

Children under ages 11 and under are the only patrons allowed to use the (4) computers along the wall in the Children’s Room.

You'll also need to state what denomination you belong to and, sometimes, how seriously you take your faith.


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