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You don't know what happens to the losing crews. Fine, yes, he's a good-looking man, but surely they could've found a star of at least the same caliber as Chase (Step Up 2 the Streets) — who, sure, wasn't the best actor, but at least could dance? Moose has stolen every scene he's been in, Step Ups 2–5, and it's high time that he appear in a Step Up film as the true lead.

I think these movies try to be progressive — they're anti-elitism, certainly — but, you know, it's not perfect. I was genuinely distracted by how baffling I found it, and I had no emotional stake in his story. He's a natural actor, a highly charismatic performer, and, without question, the series' most entertaining dancer to watch. Step Up: All In does fans a serious service in the screen time it devotes to Moose and Camille, but it's high time for the future Step Up 6 to do us one better, and make them its proper stars. AR: When we started Step Up 2 the Streets you made a quick comment about how the best thing about the movie is Moose, but I was still surprised when he danced that first time on the stairs.

We don't want to spoil it, but let's just say that Vladd (everyone's favorite robot dancer) meets a similarly inclined dancer at the competition in Las Vegas, and it's totally weird and very cute. But I'm always happy in the movies when he comes jerkily out from behind the crowd, a slow-motion robot walking at you. Obviously you won't suddenly believe you can spring into a backflip or spin on your head, but once you start recognizing moves — especially in the club scenes — they feel a little more accessible, until suddenly you're like, "Yeah, I could look like that on the dance floor if I just really committed."AR: It's funny because we couldn't have been more sedentary, watching five movies in a row, but I kept wanting to get up and try something because I didn't believe I couldn't do it.

KH: I love Vladd and his weird little disjointed neck. He's great and I'm glad he played a little bit of a bigger part in the new movie. Or he did, until they humanized by showing his affection for his lady robot. Like, in the contemporary dancing, when the woman bends backward and arches her back — I made my boyfriend try it with me later that night but it just looked like he was preventing me from doing a trust fall.

I still think, though, that Tatum is one of the most enigmatic dancers in the series.

Step Up's Tyler Gage is an orphan who lives with a foster family, as is Step Up 2 the Streets' Andie West.

It's like Bring It On, in which you're supposed to empathize with Gabrielle Union's team, but ultimately you're supposed to want Kirsten Dunst's team to win. And then at the end, you're like, oh, well it's OK, they're all friends now.


Step Up: Revolution is, at least at first, somewhat socialist — the crew wants to fight The Man, and preserve community ownership of their neighborhood.(They sign a corporate deal with Nike at the end, though.) And Step Up: All In was about living as a struggling artist, and how to make that work.KH: I don't think they do a perfect job with this.This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose.


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Briana Barbara-Jane Evigan known as Briana Evigan is an American actress and dancer.


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